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Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines

  • Injection system has been modified and works twice as good.

  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 works with different accumulators, different pressures.

  • Phase 1 precise controls highly prevent the air mixing and porosity issues fort he die casted piece.

  • Phase 2 easily enables reaching desired speeds and lets the die casted piece to be perfectly filled and shaped.

  • Phase 3 adjustments can be easily made when necessary in accordance with the process.

  • There is a significant improvement in Casting thin and sensitive parts, where %7-8 loss rate has been reduced to %1.

  • New Phase 3 Pressure is improved in the new system. It is increases without any delay, it is provides faster cycle-time.

  • Injection piston can be stopped at any desired position.

  • You can change the Phase 1 space distance from the monitor.

  • You can change the Phase 2 speed from the monitor.

1.   Linear motion control system - optional

2.   PLC control system 10 inch monitor

3.   Proportional P&Q system - optional

4.   Phase 2  proportional injection speed control system – optional

5.   3 phase injection control system

6.   Real time control system , continuous process control - optional

7.   Low pressure die protection system-optional

8.   Servo motors (provides high energy savings)-optional

9.   Moving platen base support system balance the weight on the columns with heavy dies

10.  Easy mounting piston rod system

11.   Hydraulic injection level adjustment system

12.  Hydraulic controlled die height adjustment system

13.  Mold proximity sensor

14.  High quality hydraulic equipment

15.  Hydraulic oil temperature and level signal

16.  Dosage type automatic toggle lubrication system

17.  Full equipped two side automatic safety guard

18.  Automatic piston ,sleeve lubrication system - optional


General Features